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What's the Difference??

Similarities between Texas and Ukraine affect the vital interests of US/Russia

Violent demonstrations in San Antonio, escalating since November, have left 100 dead, including 17 Texas Rangers. The Alamo has been burned and dismantled by demonstrators using Molotov cocktails, and adobe blocks from the structure to hurl at the Rangers. The Chinese Communist government, while denying any involvement, have recruited ethnic Mexican nationals to demand an end to the dictatorial interference by Barack Obama and the American Fascist government in Washington DC to keep Texas in the American Union and sphere of influence. “America has no right to interfere in the activities of Texas” despite significant historical ties, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Secret tape recordings disclosed by WikiLeaks reveal the PRC has spent $5Billion Yuan in fomenting ethnic unrest in the region, leading to demonstrations which began in November, but became violent last week. Perry is assumed to have ordered the Texas Rangers to retake the Alamo, besieged by the demonstrators, in a conflict which resulted in almost 100 deaths.

Despite many earlier concessions by Governor Perry to peacefully resolve the issue, he has reportedly fled Texas and is presumed somewhere in US territory. A warrant has been issued for his arrest in the mass murder of 80 ethnic TexMexicans heavenly heroes.

China has immediately recognized the new provisional government, and has promised billions of Yuan in economic aid. It is widely rumored that the deal was in exchange for control of Texas gas pipelines and access to the port of Houston to house a Chinese Naval Base, and leasing Johnson Space Center for future Chinese space missions. The Chinese yuan has now been declared legal tender and the official currency of Texas.

President Obama has been warned not to “cross the line” in defending any American “imperialist” interests. American oligarch Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys football team has also fled the state. The team has been renamed the Dallas Vaqueros., and the stadium renamed Santa Ana Memorial Colisseum.

Speculation persists that pro-American nationalists may use military force to eventually divide the state along the Brazos River, based on ethnic demographics. On the other hand, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has stressed the need for maintaining the territorial integrity of Texas, based on the 1846 Treaty of Accession boundaries, (although that treaty was NEVER ratified by the Texas legislature at the time.)

In typical fashion, Western media has brutally castigated President Obama for considering the use of military force to recapture the State. Interrupting a recent golf vacation in Hawaii, Obama returned to Washington to order Military units of the Oklahoma National Guard Federalized, and they have taken up positions occupying the Panhandle, which is now reported under US control from Amarillo north, along the I-40 Interstate. Amarillo Airport is under martial law, and patrolled by US troops and SWAT teams

Protests throughout the world are condemning Obama as a brutal dictator conspiring once again “to crush the democratic aspirations of ethnic Latino people”.

The Organization of American States has issued a resolution of solidarity with the protestors, and pledged economic aid through the Rothschild Central banks in each country.

It is unknown at this time who will head the provisional government, but it is widely assumed the new President/Governor will be selected by the Chinese from the ranks of the Zeta Cartel party.

Several neutral commentators have noted the remarkable similarities between the situations in Texas and Ukraine.


US, EU, Kerry support ‘CHOICE” in Ukraine….

Freedom of choice in Ukraine

REALLY? Choice is not the issue in Ukraine. Gas pipelines to Europe is the issue. Strategic surrounding of Russia is the issue. Drawing former allies of USSR into NATO is the issue.

Ukrainians making their own choices is NOT the issue.

Ukrainians have elected a government and a President, peaceably, fairly, without US /EU interference for 20 years, since the breakup of USSR. Now, when that government CHOOSES to re-evaluate EU affiliation and slow the process down, US & EU decide the people are being denied a choice, so the EU/and US will tell them what choice they SHOULD make, because the first choice… they don’t agree with.

Ukraine’s elected government CHOSE not to pursue EU integration at the original pace, due to economic factors, which such integration would exacerbate. They offered Ukraine ‘austerity’ preconditions and the likelihood of imploding the industrial economy of Eastern Ukraine, because it didn’t meet EU standards.

Apparently, there is only ONE choice that Ukrainians can make to be acceptable to the West. Otherwise, the West doesn’t really support choice at all.

JOHN KERRY’s “choice” –
“Nowhere is the FIGHT for a democratic, EUROPEAN future more important today than in Ukraine,” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said. “The United States and EU stand with the PEOPLE of Ukraine in that FIGHT.”

It seems like he chooses differently than the ‘PEOPLE’ who ELECTED the government. He prefers to side with a mob in one Ukrainian city who want to overthrow the elected government.

He added that protesters believed their futures “do not have to lie with one country alone, and certainly not coerced”. One acceptable option is apparently for Ukraine to be divided, and only coerced by EU/US.

Ukraine has much more common political history with Russia than with the West, yet the media try to pretend this is ‘usurpation’ and interference by Russia. The “Kyiv Rus” were the ORIGINAL ethnic basis of the Russian peoples.

VALERY KLITSCHKO’s ‘CHOICE’- “We have to act now before it is too late,” he said. “We want to ensure the crisis in the Ukraine is solved because it can trigger a crisis in the whole region.” True, but conveniently forgetting his “action” CAUSED the crisis. His party did not prevail in the elections, so protest and overthrow is now the preferred “democratic” alternative. While the current government is economically inept and overbearing, Klitschko’s joining in common purpose on the streets with radical right wing and neo-fascist political parties, who aggravate the situation on the street with Molotov cocktails, is hardly an endorsement of his political acumen in solving anything.

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s ‘CHOICE’ –
“We insist on full respect for the fundamental principle that each and every country has an inherent right to freely choose its alliances.” … Except if NATO disagrees? Ukraine DID choose. I guess he believes a group of protestors should make strategic policy, not the elected government.

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy’s ‘CHOICE’ –
“The future of Ukraine belongs with the European Union.”
….OH, I thought you said it was UKRAINE’S choice?
He added – “the EU’s offer of an association deal remained on the table.” REALLY? Then what is the hurry to overthrow Ukraine’s elected government?

The Ukraine crisis is manufactured by US/EU supported puppets to disrupt Russian gas pipeline deals to Europe, and to militarily threaten Russia’s southern flank. Overthrowing a president in mid term is NOT democratic. There are regular elections scheduled in 2015, but apparently not on a timetable acceptable to US/EU, who seem intent on dictating the “will of the people”.

If overthrowing an elected government in mid term is now defined as “democratic,” when there are regional protests against policies that some of the electorate disagree with, should this be used as a precedent for the United States government as well?

At 40% approval rating, Mr. Obama might want to reconsider that policy. Certainly, this would be interesting news for the “Occupy” and “Anonymous” movements.


DR. Kent Moors – What He’s Telling the Russians about Ukraine

As Ukraine Explodes, Here’s What I’m Telling the Russians

by Dr. Kent Moors | published December 5th, 2013 | Oil & Energy Investor

There is a huge elephant in the room here in Moscow. The issue is permeating everything but remains off the official agenda. Even the media is treating it with kid gloves.

It’s the uprising in Ukraine.

As the protests intensify in Kiev, the Kremlin has now entered into a huge tug of war with the European Union (EU) over access to and influence over Ukrainian energy policy.

At issue is the direction of Ukraine’s future partnerships…and who is likely to end up having influence over the crucial natural gas pipelines that span the country, moving more gas to Europe than any other venue.

For years now, Kiev has maintained a steadfast refusal to allow Gazprom, the Russian gas behemoth, to gain control over those domestic pipelines.

Gazprom, whose moves are clearly extensions of Russian foreign policy, has already taken over both the export pipeline network and the company responsible for the transit in neighboring Belarus.

This arrangement allows Moscow to control the access to Europe – even though the pipeline crosses a separate sovereign state. But Ukraine has since made it clear it would not allow the same result.

However, the situation is becoming more acute and the options are limited. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a workable solution.

In fact, here’s what I’m about to tell the Kremlin…

The Fall-Out from the “Gas War”

First, though, let me fill you in on the situation…

While the EU in Brussels has provided some financial assistance to Kiev in planning for upgrades on the pipelines, Ukrainian officials have been disappointed by the amount and by the slowness of the European response.

Meanwhile, the energy needs back at home are starting to force the Ukrainian hand.

The country remains dependent upon imported gas from Russia despite a range of pursued alternatives. These include: the gas exploration begun in offshore Black Sea locations, shale gas development underway in western Ukraine, and heavy talk about building a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal outside Odessa.

Unfortunately, each of these will take time. That is something the country does not have.

The bulk of its gas requirements rely on Russia. Even negotiating additional pipelined consignments from the Caspian basin – especially from Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan – requires pass-through permission for delivery across Russia.

Ukraine does receive payment in kind for transporting Russian gas to Europe and buys additional volume from Gazprom. However, the current contract has resulted in protracted political discord in Kiev.

After the so-called January “gas war” a few years ago, when the cross-border disagreement resulted in suspension of deliveries to Europe during a particularly cold snap, Brussels has taken a more avid interest in the situation.

It has resulted in attempts to develop alternative pipeline networks bypassing Russia and the development of an accelerating LNG trade directly to Western Europe.

The Rising Political Blood Pressure in Ukraine

The prospect of relying less on Russian gas has had two results.

The first was heightened angst in Kiev over the future prospects of its own energy situation (less Russian gas going to Europe meant less gas available for Ukraine). The second, on the other hand, sent Ukraine’s political blood pressure through the roof.

The suspension of deliveries to Europe had cost Moscow significant political capital in Brussels. Gazprom was held responsible for suspending the exports that put Europe in the deep freeze. Russia has claimed that Ukraine was stealing gas from the transmissions meant for European utility majors.

Either way, the Kremlin decided to prevent the matter from happening again.

Russia introduced the primary change that is causing the rapid destruction of Ukrainian energy plans. It entered into agreements with major Western European utilities to build huge pipelines bypassing both the political opposition in the EU and Ukraine.

Nord Stream is up and operating across the North Sea floor between Russia and Germany. South Stream, now the most expensive pipeline project ever conceived, will be passing under the Black Sea through the Turkish economic zone into Southeastern Europe and then up to the main users.

The emergence of these new networks will result in the gas moving across Ukraine becoming a backup system only, with volumes cut significantly. For that matter, should additional deliveries to Europe become necessary, they could move across the Yamal-Europe pipeline crossing Belarus, the one now owned and operated by Gazprom.

The result has been a decision by Kiev throwing the country into civil unrest.

The Ukrainian government has decided to move away from the EU (and even shelve its desire to become a member) in favor of developing a closer relationship with Moscow.

Some consider this inevitable, given the options genuinely available. But the decision is likely to tear the country apart.

Ukrainian nationalists centered in Lviv are livid, but the Russian-speaking and Russian-ethnic population in Eastern Ukraine, especially on the Crimean peninsula are ecstatic.

From a policy standpoint, however, Moscow must be careful. There are certainly other players with a stake in this other than the EU. Even there, despite moves to Asia, Europe remains the primary customer for Russian gas (to say nothing of the massive expense in the huge new pipelines projects to move Russian gas there).

What I Plan to Tell the Russians

All of which set the stage for my suggestion on Tuesday. Nobody from Gazprom was broaching the Ukrainian issue.

As you may recall from Tuesday’s issue, I had indicated: (1) they had requested a I revise my briefing to consider the new energy balance; and (2) that there was a particular suggestion I was about to make to the Kremlin.

The suggestion is this…

Given the Russian desire to move into the LNG trade as quickly as possible, combined with the rather low pricing demands being made by China to open the gas export market in that direction, a way to lower the political heat with Ukraine presents itself, one that may allow Gazprom to make a better transition into these new gas export arrangements.

In this case, Russia should jointly build a series of LNG import terminals in Ukraine, providing a new option for moving gas beyond Ukrainian domestic needs to Europe. This would then provide them with a significant bargaining option with Caspian nations for their gas production.

That transit would take place across Ukraine not Russia, a development the EU would accept.

It even opens up a completely new source of gas to meet rising European needs – the Iraqi government in Baghdad and the semi-autonomous northern Kurdistan Regional Government based in Irbil. There is considerable and increasing gas production in both, but much of it is flared for want of a ready customer.

This will involve a number of Western companies that are already in the region. And this suggestion will allow us to move on several exciting new investment opportunities.


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