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GREECE: Usury is the word

greece the movie 2

A musical about the teen years of the 21st Century. It’s the Mediterranean 2015, and things are heating up between Alex, a leftist from the wrong side of the European tracks, and Angie, a conservative hard line teutonic North European elitist, despite her street background, whose evil backers had loaned his homeboys millions of Euros, but then crashed their economy. The money can never be paid back at these usurious terms. Alex wants to change the Principal, AND the interest. If Angie insists on treating him so austerely, he threatens to take several more disgruntled members with him, which will upset the EU/IMF/ECB financial empire and bring down Angie’s government . In the background, is a mysterious Russian figure known only as the “Grandmaster,” whose support may tip the balance for Alex, and change the EU campus forever.



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MONEY: Gold & Silver vs. Dollars & Fiat Currencies

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