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BRIAN WILLIAMS’ False Flag Departure

show and tellBrian Williams’ mea culpa…
$10 Million/yr salary…$40M Net Worth.. “23rd most trusted in USA” ……

This arrogant, smug, self-important TOADY misrepresented that the helicopter HE rode in was hit while he was in it. But MEANWHILE, OVER HIS ENTIRE CAREER, misrepresenting, Gaza, the Iraq invasion, the lies, Syrian Chemical attack, NOT calling Kiev junta an overthrow of a democratically elected President, Hugo Chavez, genocide in Donbass… THAT‘S OK?????

His punishment is PART OF THE DECEPTION, that “the rest of media is honest by contrast”.


MEDIA IS COMPLICIT IN THE GOVERNMENT LIES. Self-flagellation, decrying this incident, while abdicating their responsibility to the people. Williams is a TRAITOR to America, not for his “mis-remembering” , but for his ongoing duplicity. SO is all of US MSM.

This story is in ITSELF, another amoral, despicable false flag.
EVERYTHING we are told is exactly like this. It is not truth. It is designed to manipulate opinion. Political advertising under the guise of “journalism”.




The Pied Piper of Kiev

Poroshenko uses bloody prop of Volovkha bus to hustle loans for more genocide against civilians in Ukraine.

Poroshenko uses bloody prop of Volovkha bus to hustle loans for more genocide against civilians in Ukraine.

Russia-EU Gas Detour

Gas Shortage




  poro voro 3 nigeria     charlie 3 nous sommeje suis charlatanMICHELE BOKU CHARLIE

NATO Can’t find Russian Mystery Submarine in River Thames

RF mystery Sub

MI6 says entire world is threatened by this latest Russian ‘provocation’. A periscope, reported by knowledgeable American tourists as “definitely” that of a Russian submarine, was spotted outside Parliament, and under the Vauxhall Bridge, outside MI6 Headquarters. NATO immediately proposed a massive sale of battleships to Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Moldova, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein. “All the rivers of Europe are now vulnerable to the Russian war machine” says NATO SACEUR, General Philip Breedlove.

Vice President Joe Biden, immediately cancelled his visit to Ukraine, where he was scheduled to dedicate a cocaine addiction clinic, named after his son, Hunter. Victoria Nuland, one of the tourists on Vauxhall Bridge, said she was “just sitting on the bridge, sharing some cookies with passersby”, when she noticed the curved-necked shaped object, “moving deliberately and aggressively in the water. At first I thought it may be the Loch Ness Monster,” she enthused. “But then I asked a man with a kilt if the Thames flowed into Loch Ness. When he panicked and shouted, “I cannae believe it, ya fat cow.” I knew then, it could only be a Russian Sub invading the UK.”

“I immediately called President Obama, and related the sighting, but he kept asking if St Andrew’s was a good place to make a speech from. He became very excited about talking with David Cameron about making all new NATO submarines shaped like Nessie, so they would be undetectable and stealthy. He described a new strategic initiative based on dinosaur-themed military bases to avoid both detection, and criticism of American military expansion.”

John McCain called for an immediate retrofit of all submarines with the Nessie stealth shape, and for immediate delivery to the Middle East and Central Asia, “where the historical lack of water, makes such sea monsters a rare occurrence, as in my home state of Arizona. A dinosaur Theme Park adjacent to each base, would provide additional cover for any Rapid Response forces, and admissions receipts from the tourist side could pay for additional munitions, while offsetting some of the IMF interest on their defense debt.”

When asked for comment, UK PM David Cameron, said he felt morally obligated to consult with the Monarchy before discussing any dinosaur-related strategic defense issues.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said NATO’s latest accusation was ridiculous, but it had “buoyed” his spirits.

~ Daniel ODonoju

US Strategy in Ukraine: WAR with Russia?

Lugansk Civilian Bombing

                  Lugansk Civilian Bombing

The Human face of Kiev Bombing

At least in Gaza, Israel uses the excuse of hunting terrorists. What is the excuse for random terror bombing of civilians in Lugansk / Donetsk? Kiev is losing the ground war, losing military jets, losing draftees, needing increased mobilization, losing its coalition government, and rapidly going broke. Yet it increases the genocidal bombing of “pro-Russians.”  
Simultaneously, in a myriad of dubious coincidences, a commercial airline crash almost causes enough outrage for a major war. If MH17 was a false flag, WHY?
East Ukraine seceded because of a political coup where they were not represented. They didn’t ATTACK the central government. They VOTED to secede after the Constitution was abrogated by a faction in one city.. But the unelected Kiev coalition-junta immediately responded with a full-scale military attack to FORCE re-affiliation by attacking civilian areas, a strategy which logically would justify and harden the resistance. Subsequently, the US-imposed and -controlled junta refuses to consider ANY negotiations without first DISARMING the secessionists, before passing any legislation that would address their concerns.
How would THAT sound to pro-2nd Amendment Americans?

The attacks are against “pro-Russian Ukrainians”, not military targets, nor even the specific government buildings taken over by the locals. Apparently occupying government buildings is now a capital crime in Ukraine (except in Kiev’s Maidan). The Western propaganda is hysterically and universally and immediately Anti-PUTIN, not anti-Strelkov.

The agenda seems to be to PROVOKE a Soviet-style reaction by Russia, which can be SOLD by PROPAGANDA as “another Russian invasion of a US ally.” Despite this explanation, Crimea was re-affiliated with mother Russia by overwhelming popular support, with absolute minimum casualties, in contrast to Kiev’s attempts to re-affiliate Donbass. If Russia can be maneuvered to be perceived as brutally invading Ukraine “against international law”, NATO would be “required” to respond with direct attacks on Russia from East European forward NATO bases, which were installed with full preparatory logistics (“purely defensively” of course). Now these bases are being quietly (i.e.: ignored by MSM) readied with increased aircraft, and “symbolic” transfers of elite military units, from the Baltic to the Balkans.

Now, the Ukrainian army has been surreptitiously shelling RUSSIAN territory near Rostov, while Western media is claiming that Russia is building up forces on the border and shelling Ukraine FROM Russia.

The GOAL is apparently ALL OUT WAR with Russia and forcible retaking of Crimea.  Undoubtedly with the objective of disabling Russia’s Black Sea fleet, giving NATO total DIRECT control of the Black Sea access route to Caspian Oil & Gas reserves, with or without Russian Pipelines.
Coincidentally (again?) NATO naval maneuvers JUST concluded with US, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, with an emphasis on mining operations. Other than Sevastopol, what ports are worth mining in the Black Sea? With Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey as NATO allies, there is very little BESIDES Crimea to prevent the Black Sea from becoming Lake NATO.  Crimea is critical for US/NATO control of Caspian gas fields. The current land war may be just a diversion to justify a naval war to accomplish it. Crimea cannot be attacked successfully by land due to easily blocked chokepoints.

US doesn’t want a cease fire, nor will it be satisfied with a Ukraine Confederation including Donbass. It is committed to military confrontation. US wants the GAS. It wants an excuse for inflating the petrodollar, and it needs cover to avoid the US economy from tanking, especially before the November US elections. It just needs to catch the public up with the decision already made.

If this is the strategy, it is becoming desperate, especially with the breakup of the junta government. The Right Wing Svoboda has bolted. UDAR has no influence. The Tymoshenko-proxy PM has quit. Now, the war will have to accelerate, and become more like Syria, with increasingly random Right Sektor atrocities, at the direction of the CIA. ESPECIALLY if MH17 is shown to be a failed US false flag.
All the “evidence” put forth blaming Russia in one form or another, has been fabricated, or “confidential”. The old “Trust us, we’re the good guys-type evidence.” Since that tragic event didn’t trigger the expected result, what next? There is an media-hyped attempt to insert NATO troops at the crash site (to protect it). Then, maybe massacring them by a “Russian Missile”? (Similar to first responders at the WTC.) The war acceptance threshold needs more dead bodies, but they really need to be innocent Americans or EUs. Slavic bodies, like Palestinians, don’t matter. They have less value as emotional propaganda, especially when those bodies are atrocities caused by the West, at which point they are ignored by the “Stenographic Media” (Abby Martin’s bulls-eye).

Something will have to occur to generate sufficient outrage to start a full scale NATO-Russian war. The West seems to be hard at work in the propaganda arena. The current tack continues to be trying to provoke Putin to make a drastic move. But, so far, Putin seems to have figured that out! He is presenting HIS evidence about MH17, while quietly arming Donbass with defensive weaponry against the  civilian terror bombing by Kiev in such a way as to maintain some thin deniability. He cannot allow the West to attack his flank and do nothing.
The US (the shadow government behind the puppet Obama) seems to have made the decision that Russia is as vulnerable as it will ever be. The recent BRICS currency agreement threatens the petrodollar, and if successful will accelerate the demise of US economic hegemony. US overt aggression has reached the desperation stage.
In my opinion, only Germany is the key to avoid a catastrophe. Merkel needs to take EU leadership away from the Anglo-American hegemony/suicide cabal (hegemony for US/ suicide for Europe). Intercontinental nuclear exchanges is a price not yet willing to be paid by the US. Therefore, the sole risk is to Europe in a ground war, previously believed anachronistic. In such a scenario, only the US benefits. (CUI BONO anyone?) If war starts, the private-bank Fed finances it, Europe and Russia suffer it, in manpower, and economic progress. Subsequent destruction would need to be rebuilt by US multinationals, with similar experience in Afghanistan and Iraq, financed by US and UK banks.
Today, Obama is golfing. Next week, Congress closes down for a month. It will be a bloody August…  just as it was exactly 100 years ago, beginning August 5, 1914, the Battle of Liege.

De-Mobilization Abroad… Martial Law at Home??

US Military Sells War Surplus to local Police Departments... Public Safety or Public Control?

US Military Sells War Surplus to local Police Departments… Public Safety or Public Control?

“Domestic Terrorists Threaten Las Vegas” -Harry Reid

BLM Snipers Kill Six, but “It’s not over!” ~ Reid

A clandestine “Domesticated terrorist” cell has been operating in Clark County, NV, near Las Vegas, according to Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV). Federal BLM snipers have managed to kill six of the suspected cell members and have buried them in a mass grave near Bundy Ranch outside of Las Vegas. The terrorist cell, known as “Moojahideen” is suspected of being responsible for recent environmental attacks on the local native population, consisting of an endangered Tortoise Sect, loyal to US interests in the area. In recent months, over 1400 of the Tortoise sect have been killed or displaced in previous BLM operations to establish “regime change” after a 20 year battle.
~Daniel ODonoju reporting Live from Las Vegas

Bessame Moocho Al Leche, Leader of the Moojahideen terror cell operating near Las Vegas

Bessame Moocho Al-Leche, Leader of the Moojahideen terror cell operating in NV

Al Jersey-ra domesticated terrorist cell Uncovered near Las Vegas - Harry Reid

Al Jersey-ra domesticated terrorist cell Uncovered near Las Vegas – Harry Reid


Abby Martin: RT’s Softer, Gentler Howard Beale

A Journalist’s Integrity Doesn’t Preclude Media Propaganda

During a live broadcast on Wednesday, RT America presenter Liz Wahl announced she was stepping down, citing her disagreements with the network’s editorial policy. Ms. Wahl’s resignation comes on the heels of her colleague, Abby Martin’s recent comments, in which she voiced her disagreement with certain policies of the Russian government and asserted her editorial independence.

RT Newsreader resigns after presenting an opinion contrary to networkRT Political commentator Abby Martin differs with Network

Aside from the individuals involved, name ONE US/EU propaganda ministry outlet (oops, I mean independent news network), that would not have gone to commercial 3 seconds after the speech varied from the teleprompter. Abby Martin’s speech was being read FROM the teleprompter, indicating producers’ awareness.  I don’t believe Ms. Wahl’s comments, given during a newscast, rather than an opinion segment, were read from the prompter.

The issue is not their opinion in this conveniently isolated case. The CONTRAST of NETWORKS is the issue. The MORAL VACUITY of American news people and their inter-locking Boards of Directors, ADMITTED infiltrations by CIA, and obedient subservience to Wall Street and daily stock prices. News readers are paid to read the news. PROFESSIONAL PUNDITS claim to be independent, but are paid to regurgitate a PRE-DETERMINED particular point of view, to pretend to qualify for balance or “equal-time|”. NOBODY in MSM aspires to TRUTH, however. Including mercenary “spokespeople”.  The only reason MSM is even discussing it, is that it’s RT – RUSSIAN TV. It’s the only reason RT is even acknowledged as a network by MSM, as Ms. Martin astutely points out.

Sell your party-line point of view, REPEAT IT as often as possible, and divide the public and the electorate, so that we incessantly argue the parenthetical semantics, instead of the facts, or objectively search for real solutions to serious social and political issues.
“Imminent Nuclear War in Ukraine,” a headline might read. “…Kim Kardashian Speaks Out on Crimea”. But first, here’s Jennie, with red carpet controversy at the Oscars.

MSM is DESIGNED to divide and conquer. If no controversy…. nobody tunes in, or buys a newspaper. RT, particularly Abby Martin, has always taken an alternative angle to MSM coverage, which serves a purpose in at least a variation from the corporate mantra instructions handed to most “reporters.” However, she is correct in her self-assessment of needing factual information about Ukraine. I have always considered that her historical use of language was obvious in its intent to show the dichotomy between RT coverage and MSM. I have never felt RT was pretending NOT to have a particular slant, whereas MSM is arrogant enough to believe that their script is perennially the Gospel according to Edward R. Murrow. It isn’t. All the more insidious for pretending to be unbiased.

The media controversy over these two personalities isn’t about them. It’s about broadcast media itself. “NEWS” IS NOT TRUTH. It’s SELECTIVE PROPAGANDA designed to either convince the masses about a particular agenda or put them to sleep.

Howard Beale-NETWORK  "I'm not going to take it any more!"

Howard Beale-NETWORK
“I’m not going to take it any more!”

If ANY GOOD comes from it, maybe one of the overpaid self-appointed news arbiters from a major network will have a mea culpa, pull a 2014 version of Howard Beale, and reveal his Employee Instruction Handbook…. perhaps personally autographed by Joseph Goebbels.

Meanwhile, Ms. Martin’s subsequent broadcast explained her position more thoroughly, further distinguishing herself, in klieg light contrast to her Mainstream competition, who most likely, no longer even recognize their own smug hypocrisy, as the Republic suffers from their neglect and dereliction of journalistic duty.


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MONEY: Gold & Silver vs. Dollars & Fiat Currencies

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