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E PLURIBUS UNO is THE new paradigm in the vocabulary of MONEY.

The Currency Pyramid

                              The Currency Pyramid


It is time to STOP describing the value of Silver and Gold MONEY in definitions of national CURRENCY !

Rather than defining the ‘price’ of Precious metals like Gold and Silver in terms of ‘Dollars’, ‘Pounds’, ‘Pesos’, etc., the UNO is a basic unit of measurement and value, based on a FUNDAMENTAL UNIT OF WEIGHT, identified as .01 Troy ounce, dividing the most commonly understood measurement of most modern bullion coins into a fungible unit applicable to all coinage and bullion products worldwide, regardless of origin or prior valuation in national currency.

To fundamentally change understanding of the difference between Currency and MONEY, by a worldwide public which has been completely off the Gold Standard more than an entire generation, it is necessary to change the TERMINOLOGY used to describe MONEY, separating its connection with outdated, inflated, misleading and fraudulent fiat currency references.

A Silver Dollar is not worth $1;

A Gold ‘Double Eagle’ is not worth $20, and

a Gold ‘Centenario’ is not worth 50 MxPesos!

It is time to STOP validating the worldwide fiat currency fraud

with our acknowledgement and the complicity of our vocabulary!

Fiat currencies are borrowing the credibility of Precious metals by the pretense of their inscription on Money.

Precious metals need a universal unit of measurement based on their OWN value, not referenced to debased currency.

The “UNO” transcends all paper-based fiat currencies, and establishes unitary value measurement in terms of its own weight, as a percentage of one TROY OZ, an easily understood, calculable, decimal equivalent to ASW.

  • One Troy ounce of Gold or Silver, therefore, would have an intrinsic value of 100 UNOs. (100% of 1 Troy ounce).
  • Whatever other alloy may be in the coin, only the UNO’s PM value (ASW) is counted.
  • One-half Troy ounce would have a value of 50/100 oz, or 50 UNOs.
  • One-Quarter ounce = 25/100 oz, or 25 UNOs.
  • One-tenth ounce = 10/100 oz, or 10 UNOs.
  • One-20th ounce = 5/100 oz, or 5 UNOs.

t oz units 100

WHY   uno word logo 72px ??

The basic single unit of ANY measurement is ONE (1/ Uno). In many languages, ‘uno’ is that word, and it is universally understood. In its symbolic form, the ‘U’ is written as the Greek letter ‘mu’, representing ‘Monetary Unit’ in English. The stylized ‘O’ is diagonally divided, forming a stylized, superimposed ‘Z’  (‘Oz’). The T at the top of the O represents TROY.

Regardless of the quantity of precious metal in any coin or bar, the UNO represents affixed, identifiable quantity which can be compared with any other coin, based on the same criteria. This eliminates completely the need to classify precious metals in terms of a currency price, which fluctuates from currency to currency and from year to year. The UNO will always be exactly the same in every country, in all times, not subject to any government’s manipulation. The number is decimal based and is also easily remembered as a percentage of 1 ounce of precious metal.

Rather than countries adopting a gold or silver standard, what is more functional is a quantifiable reference of precious metal value across ALL currencies and languages. The UNO changes the way the world understands Money, and abandons any need to describe its value as anything other than the weight of a given sample in UNO units (.01 ozt).

Whatever the coin, whatever the country, whatever the fiat currency, a UNO-denominated coin can be easily compared in value to any other coin; for example, a US Morgan – design dollar, which would have value of 90 UNOs. American Eagles, Maple Leafs, and Libertads may all have different designs and national names, but all have a VALUE of 100 UNOs, irrespective of any currency name or country of origin. Every coin instantly becomes interchangeable based on metal value, not on its name, national origin, or state of inflation of the currency of the nation which minted it. There is no longer any need to describe Gold and Silver in terms of currency. The only relevant description of value is now the UNO value.

Why adopt UNO as the new, UNIVERSAL standard of monetary value measurement?

• UNO separates Real Monetary VALUE from arbitrary and false currency definitions or valuations

• UNO is based on the widely accepted, easily understood decimal system, WITHOUT having to calculate grams, grains or any other existing obscure measurement to calculate the relative value of any coin, round or bar of the same metal.

• Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium would all use the same UNO measurement, and the relative values and markets between each metal can freely float in the open market based on actual market conditions and not government manipulation. Their relative value would be based on simple market ratios. Comparisons within a single metal would be already determined by the UNO itself. Obviously, one Platinum UNO is not equal in value to a Silver UNO (unless the free market ratio was in fact 1:1).

• UNO allows completely divisiblity into easily quantifiable denominations, without changing ANY physical characteristics of any precious metal products. The terminology is consistent with all legacy coinage, used by the public worldwide.

• Because the UNO is based on a known quantity (TROY OZ) divided by 100, the PERCENTAGE of precious metal in a given coin, Times the Total Weight,  EQUALS the UNO denomination.

• A UNIVERSAL SYMBOL, replacing all national currency designations on bullion coins makes UNO the world’s first completely fungible MONEY/CURRENCY, and completely independent of the need for national ratification of its value.

Your comments and suggestions are solicited. To arrange permissions to use the UNO symbols in your custom mintings, use the contact form below:

http://wp.me/P3Ertk-1       TM & c 2013 DJD

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