Vladimir Putin: Dictator or Statesman?

As US mainstream media increasingly tries to portray Putin ONLY as a Stalinesque dictator, this FASCINATING interview (without a Teleprompter or pre-determined questions) indicates he also happens to be a world-class intellectual, extremely well-read, and a statesman with a very refined sense of history, and sophisticated international perspective. I wish America had one that at least recognized how to wield governmental power and have a realistic perspective on Western hegemony. A dictator, certainly, but one to be reckoned with, with equal resolve, not platitudes. His impact on the world is by no means over.

(NB: that he answered the English question w/o interpretation).

It’s VITALLY important for Americans / Canadians to get their news from sources other than domestic drivel. RT is an excellent news bureau. I recommend it highly.

Putin: A Very impressive world-class leader, whether you condone his tactics or not; one to be reckoned with seriously, unlike the mouthpieces prevalent in the West. This interview is essential viewing (several times). I believe there is a growing dissatisfaction with the expanding American “empire” being imposed on the world in the wake of 9/11 “security” measures. Putin is not about to let either America or oligarchs he doesn’t personally control, determine the future of Russia. One must know and study one’s adversaries.


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One response

  1. Unfortunately, most Americans ‘react’ and do not stop to think.
    Americans are fed garbage about Putin and do no research to see if this is true or not.
    Most have no idea that Putin is one of the greatest statesman the world has. Putin has conviction , is highly intelligent, a strong believer of Christianity ,during 2012 answered questions by reporters for 4 hours and 25 minutes( we never had a leader do that in these two past centuries), he’s tolerant of other country’s laws UNLIKE us in the USA that feel we need to be dictating to Russia AND other countries how to conduct their INTERNAL business/ laws. Most Americans STILL believe Russia is Communist. They are not. In fact, Putin said Socialism is bound to fail. Putin said Stalin was a dictator in all this he is correct.
    I begun liking Putin when I started to research what he said , believed and stood for.
    Americans need to educate themselves about the truth of what Putin stands for and stop ‘reacting’ like kids in a magic show believing all the ‘magic tricks’ are fed by the mainstream media.
    Putin is not the Big Bad Wolf you have been led to believe, I myself, just learnt that just this year.
    Research and come to your own conclusions, and in the name of God! stop for your an intelligence’s sake , to swallow all the mainstream media spoon feeds you daily.

    Facts you did not know about Vladimir Putin :
    Putin was baptized and wears on his neck the little cross his mother gave him.
    Putin has had hundreds of churches constructed AND hundreds repaired in Russia. This is a guarantee he is not a Communist, as during the Soviet Union Communism, churches were razed to the ground , priests killed, and imprisoned. Religion was prohibited.
    Putin speaks fluently three languages: his native Russian, English, and German.

    Facts about Russia:
    It is now called Russia. The ‘Soviet Union’ was the name the country was under, during the almost 100 years of Communism the poor oppressed Russians had to endure.
    Putin’s Russia respects all religions and their places of worship.However, you may not mock any religion’s place of worship.
    Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism, defined by law as Russia’s traditional religions and a part of Russia’s “historical heritage” enjoys limited state support in the Putin’s leadership. The vast construction and restoration of churches, started in 1990s, continued under Putin, and the state allowed the teaching of religion in schools (parents are provided with a choice for their children to learn the basics of one of the traditional religions OR secular ethics). His approach to religious policy has been characterised as one of support for religious freedoms, but also the attempt to unify different religions under the authority of the state. In 2012, Putin was honored in Bethlehem and a street was named after him.

    Though Americans tend to first ‘react’, they are quite capable in intelligence and are strong believers in truth and are an extremely and abundantly generous people.
    However, due to their media constantly lying to them, they need to be shown where they have been misled and from then on they can see the truth like any other intelligent and common sense person .

    God bless the Constitution of the U. S. A . and may freedom, truth and goodwill ring all over our world !

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