Ostrich Citizenship = A Culture of Corruption


I can understand thievery, robber barons, oligarchies, fraud etc. They have always existed.

What evades me is that the population has been so easily persuaded (conned) into believing and meekly ACCCEPTING the delusion that our idealistic, mythical concepts of liberty still exist (assuming they ever did; at least since 1913). Is everyone is so caught up into day to day survival that they don’t notice that it’s BS, or don’t they care? Speak up and you are marginalized. Challenge (corrupt) authority for their corruption, and you are criminalized. The more criminals, the more justification for totalitarian control. Criminality is sanctioned, accepted, expected, ENCOURAGED …IF you are part of the elite. If you are not, smoking is prohibited in your own car.

Or… maybe the oligarchs of history are right. The common people ARE too common to govern themselves. Prosperity via improved standard of living seems to dull the senses enough to take everything for granted. Perhaps only the immigrants from subsistence economies yet appreciate the prospect and essence of true liberty, (maybe the best excuse yet for responsible immigration reform).

Those that don’t study history, don’t see the obvious correlations to the past. Content to be left alone in liberty, is thus taken as ‘ripe for plucking’. To keep us distracted, we are fed bread and circuses (2013 version = Twinkies and Survivor). Let’s keep them occupied with a game called “self-government.” Voting, elections, “free” markets.. almost lifelike.

Perhaps for a time, in an earlier era of clarity, a few men, the Founding Fathers, were able to see through the common historical tendencies of corruption in the oligarchy to create a new idea of self-government. They were visionary enough to understand that the forces of corruption would always be there, and tried to institutionalize a constitutional structure that could resist such eternal forces.

As they warned at the time, it would require constant vigilance in every generation. But vigilance requires patriots, not the poor excuses we now have for representatives. Or maybe they ARE representative. Most people aren’t aware or don’t care, so why should we expect our politicians to be any better than us -they ARE us.

Those that do protest, only do so to the extent they are inconvenienced in their own field, or if they don’t have special privileges over everyone else. Justice for all, except if it negatively affects their “right to privilege”. Corruption and injustice is OK as long as it doesn’t affect me. NIMBY.

The root of it all is the financiers, the Oligarchy or “Immunilatte” (immune from prosecution as they sip their latte in luxury) upon whose example all lesser corruption is modeled. The manipulators of world currencies for their personal profit, at the expense of national prosperity. The thieves who steal our wealth with inflation, and smile as our government officials solicit their advice. The deceivers who pay our politicians not to ask WHY we must borrow our own currency from ourselves, and pay THEM interest for the privilege. When only lawyers can be politicians and judges, and only bankers can be political financial advisors, the fix is in. Then we have TBTF, and (Atty. Gen Eric Holder’s) advance proclamation of immunity for the SAME financial community that intentionally stages periodic recessions and wars as instruments of the greater greed, and gradual infractions of the Constitution and international law. We got bail outs and will get bail-ins, which will deplete our accounts to bolster those of the fixers. A trillion dollars of new currency will be created this year… with “NO” inflation??  Billions for bank bailouts but no loans for productive industry? If statistics aren’t positive, the criteria are changed. Principle doesn’t matter. Getting a piece on the inside matters.

There is no justice, only laws. Laws intentionally obtuse and designed to institutionalize crony favoritism at all levels, at the expense of the common citizen.  WE see an explosion of complaints of injustice about individual corruption, without the capacity to see the wider picture that EVERY aspect of life and society is systemically corrupt. America the Beautiful has become jingoistic catechism for the suckers. An idyllic myth. The modern Camelot. We pretend it exists, because we want it so much to be so. Reality is: America the corrupt, racist, militarist, totalitarian, oligarchic, deceptive, proselytizing, aggressive, arrogant. We mouth opposition to oligarchy, but yet we blindly serve our masters. Soon we will fear them.

Why can’t the average guy make it any more? He’s not supposed to, any more! The game is rigged! The markets are rigged. He’s just supposed to believe in the myth. Because hope keeps him working, subservient, and FEARFUL of losing what little he has left. Revolutionaries are the only ones left with clear vision, yet they are marginalized as terrorists. In fact… they terrorize only the corrupt elite, fearful of loss of power and privilege.

With a narrowed perspective as most people now have, unaware of similar situations in the past, “It can’t happen here”. Unfortunately, it can. It IS. NOW. And the technological tools of propaganda, corruption, delusion, and repression make it all the worse this time around.


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