The COST of TBTF – How’s it Working So Far?

# 1 US Employer – WalMart

# 2 US Employer – Kelly Services (Temp Agency)

RECENT NEWS ITEM: Just to get PAID their crap wages, some McDonalds workers get a Pre-loaded Debit Card, Issued by JP Morgan, one of the major recipients of the bailout… who’s CEO makes $14M ??? per year… They get charged FEES for use, non-use, ATM withdrawals, cancellation fees, and if not depleted within a prescribed time period, lose the balance.
Meanwhile, JPM has issued derivative paper (created paper funny money) to the tune of $80 TRILLION as of 2009, with backup assets (deposits) of $1.663 Trillion, a ratio of  4807% .  If their leveraging fails by a loss of asset value, or run on the bank by depositors, they could require taxpayers to bail them out again. It would take 53 years for the US government to cover their ass, if 100% OF ImageALL US TAXES collected during that 53 years were used.
Goldman Sachs, the source of most of the president’s financial advisors, has $40.7 trillion outstanding in derivative loans, with $116 Billion in assets, a debt-to asset ratio of 34,262%. (27 years to pay off)
If a person has a personal  LTV of over 80%, they are considered a bad risk for a mortgage.

If they fail again, is it worth 80 years of taxes, because they are TBTF Too big to fail?

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